Ingo Money is Good Funds. Revolutionary? We think so.

Ingo™ Money Mobile Check Cashing

Instant, irreversible funds for just-in-time consumers.

More than 100 million consumers and small business owners struggle with cash flow issues and have difficulty meeting their financial obligations. Traditional check deposit makes liquidity issues more acute, and most mobile remote deposit services don’t address this need.

Now you can, and Ingo Money can help!

The Ingo Money service is a turnkey mobile check cashing platform and Software Development Kit (SDK) service, which can be integrated easily into your mobile banking platform. Ingo Money provides the platform, including risk management and guarantee services, while all check cashing and regulated financial services are provided by First Century Bank, N.A. With the Ingo Money service and an eligible card, your customers can submit almost any type of check for review and, if the check is approved, access the funds in minutes to pay bills and make purchases with confidence.

The first and only proven commercial solution in market, the Ingo Money service:

  • Gives consumers instant, irreversible access to check funds on any approved check for a fee
  • Offers irreversible access to check funds in 10 days for no fee if the check does not return unpaid within the 10-day period
  • Supports almost every check type ranging from $5 up to $2500 in face value
  • Extends consumers the highest approval rates in the industry
  • Protects issuers from liability and fraud risk on check funding transactions and eliminates float
  • Delivers flexible solutions to meet your customer experience objectives
  • Provides a turnkey regulatory solution under a national bank charter



Ingo Money has provided specialized risk management and financial technology services for more than 14 years and now serves a wide array of banks, credit unions and alternative financial services providers, including nearly every prepaid card program in the marketplace.


Ingo Money is PCI and SSAE 16 compliant, and meets the security requirements of many of the largest financial institutions and payment networks in the country.


Ingo Money supports technology integration via API, SDK, Web POS and multiple third-party bank processing systems, and has certified several hardware and scanner platforms to integrate seamlessly and accelerate speed-to-market.