Enable Inbound Account Funding Safely & Instantly

Real-time account funding from any source, with risk management services and zero fraud guarantee.

Connect Any Way You Like

Purpose-built technology to deliver a modern, digital account funding experience.

IngoPay API
Straight-thru processing for PCI-certified platforms.

IngoPay Iframe
Dynamic plugin component embeds seamlessly in your UX, for non-certified platforms.

IngoPay API and IngoPay Iframe

Ingo Money Digital Trust & Underwriting Approach

Transactional Risk Underwriting Diagram
Ingo Money Transactional Risk Underwriting
  • Network-wide fraud screening to isolate bad actors
  • Highly adaptive, real-time machine learning models
  • Data scientists and fraud investigation experts
  • 24×7 risk center and underwriting specialists

Why Ingo Money

  • Grow Account Funding & Deposits
    Grow Account Funding & Deposits

    Empower your customers with real-time transfers and watch conversion, activation and engagement rates soar.

  • Manage Risk & Eliminate Fraud Liability
    Manage Risk & Eliminate Fraud Liability

    Get the risk intelligence you need to protect your bottom line, backed by our zero fraud guarantee.

  • Reduce Customer Experience Friction
    Reduce Customer Experience Friction

    Deliver a seamless CX with real-time, in-line transactional risk underwriting, imperceptible to customers.

  • Access The Protection Of The Network
    Access The Protection Of The Network

    Benefit from systemic, cross-client fraud protection that reduces proliferation of fraud actors and schemes.

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