Payments Orchestration in the Era of Money Mobility

October 20, 2022By Lisa McFarland

Though it usually receives little attention, payments orchestration is a long-standing and vital concept in payments. It involves the management and coordination of all the disparate parts of a payment from start to finish across external vendors, internal systems and financial institutions. Traditionally, this term refers to merchant acquisition or an inbound consumer payment and covers payment authorization, transaction routing and settlement. But the rise of Money Mobility and an ever-evolving digital fraud landscape has…

How To Make Sure Instant Payments Are Still Secure Payments

How To Make Sure Instant Payments Are Still Secure Payments

November 13, 2019By Lisa McFarland

Lisa McFarland, EVP & Chief Product Officer at Ingo Money As 2020 looms, there are very few potential partners left to be talked into the “why” of instant payments — that case has already been well made. Where the Rubber Starts to Hit the Road When compliance and risk people start taking a real look at how they can safely and securely get instant payments up and running, the road can get rocky. There is…

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