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Ubiquity Impossible without Payment Choice

Ubiquity; Impossible without Payment Choice

October 1, 2019By Drew Edwards

Is it possible to have too much choice? Not really, when it comes to “how to instant.” Instant payments present a world of possibilities for creating better consumer experiences. The concept is both incredibly simple and incredibly intuitive: offer customers 24/7 access to good funds on demand, however and wherever they want them. Said another way, let consumers get paid the same way they pay you. Let them choose from what’s in their wallet, payment…

Keeping Check Fraud In Check

Keeping Check Fraud In Check

August 26, 2019By Drew Edwards

In the age of data breaches, malware and account takeovers, “check fraud” might seem impossibly antiquated. As financial institutions know, it’s no small matter and hardly a thing of the past. Check fraud was responsible for more than $18 billion in losses last year in the U.S. and has hit about 70 percent of all organizations in the country. Why Is Check Fraud Still Persistent? The digital advances that make cashing or depositing checks easier…

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