Change The P2P Paradigm

The industry’s first open-loop, pay anyone, cross-platform P2P money transfer network.

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Empower Your Customers

Send, request and receive money transfers—from anyone, to anyone—natively.

All day, every day, your customers are funding third-party apps to transfer money. 

Give them the power to pay and get paid from a single account. Yours.

Engage the non-customer party on a custom-branded SaaS platform to originate inbound and outbound transfers:

  • Custom email and SMS notification and transactional communications
  • Fully branded digital experience
  • In-line authentication, ID verification, onboarding, risk management and user account creation
  • Linking of ownership-verified accounts to send and receive transfers

Monetize Choice and Speed

P2P doesn’t have to be free. It’s not free now.

Non-customers can receive and send money from any verified account they choose. With both free and instant, fee-based transfer options, senders and receivers control access to their money and cover the cost of instant money transfer.

Acquire New Customers

Acquire New Customers

It’s the ultimate refer-a-friend program.

Payment options can include—and feature—your card program, to turn non-customer recipients into customers in a snap.

With direct integration to your processing platform, Ingo Money enables instant-issuance of a funded account to a new, identity-verified customer, as the fastest, least expensive way for a non-customer to receive their money.

Protect Your Business & Your Customers

Cross-Client Risk Management
Operated on a universal network directory informed by two decades of account funding experience with over 300 bank, prepaid and digital wallet brands, inbound funding risk is managed holistically with built-in identity verification, account ownership validation, AI-driven transactional risk scoring and suspicious activity monitoring.

Regulatory Compliance
In-line sanctions screening and clearing, account-level velocity monitoring and dynamically managed workflow and session clock management to comply with banking regulations.

Data Security
Bank-hardened platforms audited and certified annually for PCI DSS Level 1 and SSAE SOC 1, Type 2 and SOC 2, Type 2 compliance for 10 years and counting.

Operate Reliably & Efficiently

Reconciliation & Settlement
Daily line-item reconciliation reporting and aggregated treasury account settlement with a growing number of interoperable bank partners.

Payment Operations & Servicing
Recipient dispute resolution, proof-of-payment evidence and payment returns management.

Data & Analytics
Comprehensive real-time stage and status webhooks by subscription; financial, business performance and trend reporting; and cross-client benchmarking insights.

Operate Reliably and Efficiently

P2P Payments. Reimagined.

  • Seamless Delivery
    Seamless Delivery

    Enable your customers to pay anyone and get paid anytime in your native digital banking experience.

  • Payments Ubiquity
    Payments Ubiquity

    Pay anyone, anywhere, anytime. No network endpoint maintenance. No payments certification. No hassle.

  • New Sources of Revenue
    New Sources of Revenue

    Earn a revenue share on instant, fee-based money transfer transactions, and open a new customer acquisition channel.

  • Safety & Security
    Safety & Security

    Protect your business and your customers with built-in, cross-network risk management.

  • Implementation Simplicity
    Implementation Simplicity

    Launch quickly with expert implementation support and a growing number of interoperable bank sponsors.

  • Proven Performance
    Proven Performance

    Partner with the first and best in disbursements innovation, with 20 years of experience and 200+ payments experts.

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