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Tap Disbursements Processing Infrastructure

Payouts. Solved: Deliver Payments Ubiquity

July 16, 2021By Ingo

The simplicity and reliability of the process often leads to an erroneous assumption that pushing payments out to a consumer — enabling disbursements — is as easy as taking money in from them.

P2P Goes Open Loop So Anyone Can Pay Everyone

June 14, 2021By Ingo

One of the biggest points of frustration with P2P payments is that everybody wants to receive money in a different way.

Fireside Chat with Drew Edwards

Why 2021 Is All About Disbursements 3.0

March 24, 2021By Ingo

The most interesting thing about the onward evolution of the disbursements ecosystem isn’t the payment frictions that it will eliminate, but the innovations it will enable.

Nasdaq TradeTalks with Drew Edwards

Ingo Money on Nasdaq Trade Talks

November 23, 2020By Ingo

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