Disbursement Satisfaction Index – March 2019

March 5, 2019

Consumers have countless choices when it comes to how they pay. Whether they’re buying suits, groceries or making any other retail purchases, they can pay using credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, cash, PayPal, gift cards and much more.

Consumers have considerably fewer choices when it comes to being paid, though. Employees are often allowed to receive compensation via check or direct deposit — and nothing else. Freelancers are sometimes given the option of payment via PayPal. Tax refunds are almost always distributed via paper check. The list goes on.

This unfortunate lack of choice means consumers often do not receive disbursements through their preferred methods. An estimated 14.8 million Americans were paid via check in 2018, even though most would have opted for a different option if it were available. Another 15.3 million received disbursements via gift cards, and 5.5 million received them via credit cards — and none of them would have chosen these payment methods if they had been asked of their preferences.

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