The Restaurant Industry Is Moving Toward Cashless Payments For Employees

April 27, 2019

Today, most restaurant transactions either involve a credit card or debit card. Although consumers are used to instant and cashless payments, the majority or restaurant employees still get paid with a check. However, the industry is slowly moving toward cashless payments for employees. The founder of Ingo Money and the two co-founders of Kickfin shared their thoughts on the changes in an interview.

Drew Edwards is the CEO and founder of Ingo Money, which is an instant money company. Ingo Money allows businesses to disburse instant, safe-to-spend funds to more than 4.5 billion consumer debit, prepaid, credit, private label credit and mobile wallet accounts. Brian Hassan and Justin Roberts are the co-founders of Kickfin, which is a closed-loop cash management solution for restaurants. Kickfin eliminates the need for bank runs, change orders and manually tipping employees by providing retailers and restaurants access to payment and cash management software along with IoT hardware.

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