On a Mission to Make Money Movement
Instant, Digital and Secure

Since 2001, we have focused on a singular mission: to give people and businesses instant, digital and secure access to their money. Anytime. Anywhere. In any account they choose.
From Fintechs to the Fortune 50, we power payments for fully digital, cloud-based platforms, mainframes and everything in between, bridging the gap between old payment methods and new ones to deliver modern payments experiences.

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Our Ingo Payments Network™, the industry-leading network of networks, provides the technology platforms and expert risk management that make instant money possible. Delivering on the promise of instant money takes a payment network with nearly endless reach: to bank accounts by debit card and by bank transfer; to prepaid cards, credit cards and lenders and merchants of all kinds; to digital wallets like PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Amazon; and sometimes it takes cash. We do it all—with one easy integration—because when you can pay anyone, you can pay everyone.

Highlights in History


  • Introduced Inbound Digital Transfer & Risk Services with zero fraud guarantee protection


  • Introduced network risk management API services
  • Extended payment network reach to The Clearing House for RTP instant bank transfer
  • Introduced SaaS Disbursements Marketplace platform multi-party payments
  • Introduced industry’s first cross-platform, open-loop Ingo P2P Payments network


  • Launched IngoPay SaaS Disbursements Marketplace platform with Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance
  • Launched Green Dot instant mobile check cashing
  • Extended payment network reach to Venmo and launched Venmo instant mobile check cashing


  • Launched B2C disbursements with KeyBank
  • Launched IngoPay SaaS Disbursements Marketplace platform with GEICO
  • Extended payment network reach to ACH bank transfer


  • Launched B2C disbursements with Goldman Sachs
  • Extended payment network reach to MoneyGram, adding real-time cash payouts to more than 40,000 agent locations
  • Launched debit card inbound payments acquiring with Visa and Mastercard


  • Introduced IngoPay Iframe and SaaS Disbursements Marketplace™ platforms
  • Launched industry’s first online loan and line of credit disbursements platform
  • Launched PayPal instant mobile check cashing


  • Launched American Express instant mobile check cashing
  • Extended payment network reach to Amazon
  • Introduced IngoPay API disbursements platform to banks & businesses, providing network reach to 4.5B accounts


  • Extended payment network reach to PayPal
  • Launched Netspend instant mobile check cashing
  • Extended payment network reach to regional debit networks to achieve ~100% push-to-debit success


  • Acquired Fuze Network for gateway, processing and intelligent routing to create the Ingo Payments Gateway
  • Launched instant mobile check cashing with 14 clients, including U.S. Bank and T-Mobile
  • Extended payment network reach to Mastercard, American Express, Discover, private label credit cards and bill payment


  • Launched the industry’s first instant mobile check cashing service for Regions Bank
  • Launched H&R Block instant mobile check cashing
  • Introduced the Ingo Money App, a direct-to-consumer instant mobile check cashing service, in partnership with Visa


  • Launched push-to-debit as Visa’s first original credit transaction originator in the U.S.
  • Acquired Clear Payments, Inc. for Check 21 clearing technology to deliver mobile deposit and check cashing services
  • Extended network reach to Green Dot, RushCard, Walmart MoneyCard and H&R Block prepaid programs