4 Criteria Critical to Choosing an Embedded Instant Payments Partner

May 25, 2023By Ingo

Today, embedded payments are the new normal. But companies must be hyper-vigilant about how they roll out these services to maximize the upside and minimize the risk.

Choose Payments Partners Wisely

April 11, 2023By Ingo

The recent unexpected and speedy failure of Silicon Valley Bank injected even more uncertainty into what the future holds. But it also provides an important lesson on the dangers of creating single points of failure.

Why Universal ‘Pay Anybody’ Is Coming And Will Change Everything

December 9, 2022By Ingo

It’s my opinion that in the world of P2P and B2P, the lines are going to blur and it will all be about pay anyone and let them choose how they want to get paid.

Doubling Down On Money Mobility

October 20, 2022By Ingo

Looking ahead, rising inflation, ongoing supply chain challenges, increased Central Bank interventions and economic slowdowns will all increase pressure on both consumers and corporations.

Weathering An ‘Economic Hurricane’ With Money Mobility

July 5, 2022By Ingo

If Jamie Dimon’s “economic hurricane” does make landfall in 2022, then consumers are going to be scrambling to gain better control over their finances.

The Innovations That Hit, Missed and Need to Hit Reset

April 4, 2022By Ingo

For so many cutting-edge financial innovations like buy now, pay later (BNPL) and crypto, the jury is still out.

IN A WORD: 2021 Was the Year of “Issuing”

December 30, 2021By Ingo

If 2020 was a year of breakdowns, then 2021 is a year of breakthroughs. Digital is coming to every vertical and every company, bringing not just change, but in a word, transformation.

Increasing The Power And Penetration Of P2P Payments

October 4, 2021By Ingo

In a year when life experiences were defined by physical separation and virtual connection, it’s no surprise that the same trend dominated payments.

A Decade Of Digital Transformation In 12 Months

Lasting Pandemic Payments Lessons

July 2, 2021By Ingo

One of the overriding business themes of the pandemic has been the accelerated pace of digital transformation. Many executives across multiple industries have speculated they were able to pack 10 years’ worth of digital innovation into one year because of customer and employee demands.

Executive Insights CEO Insights

The Connected Economy’s Power Source

April 9, 2021By Ingo

Delivering on the need and desire for faster money means that payors provide an experience that looks more like eCommerce — one that is immediate, seamless and offers choice in how to get paid.

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