Real-Time Money Mobility Helps Treasury Bank Customers Leave ‘Banker’s Hours’ Behind

May 22, 2023By Ingo

Tough Questions With Drew Edwards, CEO of Ingo Money And Jon Briggs, Head Of Commercial Product, KeyBank

How AI Use Cases in Payments Are Moving Beyond Fraud

February 14, 2023By Ingo

As artificial intelligence (AI) gets smarter there are more places where it can have profound impacts from payments to fraud mitigation to customer service.

Online Sportsbooks Find Instant Payouts Keep Players Inside Their Gaming Ecosystem

January 26, 2023By Ingo

When money is the product, as it is in online sports betting, a safe and increasingly instant pay in and pay out customer experience is key.

What’s Top of Mind for FinTechs? Getting Profitable, Says Payments CEO

December 5, 2022By Ingo

With the new year comes new expectations for FinTech firms.

H&R Block Taps Ingo Money and Urban FT to Fight Mobile Check Deposit Fraud

November 28, 2022By Ingo

Recent PYMNTS data finds that fraud losses run about 2% of revenues — $51 million annually for the average FinTech.

7Shifts Embeds Instant Digital Tips Into Restaurant Team Management Platform

October 24, 2022By Ingo

As restaurants look to simplify their operations, tipping has become a major point of friction.

Caesars Sportsbook Picks Ingo Money for Instant Payouts

In The News: Caesars Sportsbook Adds Instant Payouts with Ingo Money

October 10, 2022By Ingo

Caesars Sportsbook Adds Instant Payouts as Online Gaming Apps Seek Competitive Advantage.

Instant Digital Tip Payouts Boost Restaurant Worker Pay by as Much as $4/Hour

August 30, 2022By Ingo

Roughly 90% of restaurants still disburse their tips to workers in cash.

Should Banks Be Liable for Unauthorized Push Payments Fraud?

July 12, 2022By Ingo

“Caveat emptor,” goes the old saying — buyer beware.

Manage Risk, Zero Fraud Guarantee Protection on Inbound Digital Transfers

May 24, 2022By Ingo

The digital transformation is dead. Long live the digital transformation — given that it’s secure.

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