When You Can Pay Anyone, You Can Pay Everyone

Embedded instant payouts featuring payee choice.

Pay Any Way they Choose

The ubiquitous acceptance of the paper check, without the check.

Pay to Bank Accounts
By debit card, ACH and RTP transfer, with routing intelligence, redundancy and failover for high availability.

Pay to Prepaid Cards
Including existing and instant-issue prepaid accounts.

Pay to Digital Wallets
Including PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay.

Pay to Credit Cards
Supporting Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover and private-label cards.

Pay in Cash
With real-time cash payouts to over 40,000 MoneyGram agent locations.

Pay Lenders & Merchants of All Kinds
For bill payment and debt consolidation loan use cases.

Pay by Check
Yes, even by check—if that is their choice.

Protect Your Business & Your Customers

Transactional Risk Management
In-line digital identity verification and account ownership validation performed according to your custom-configured risk rules to help ensure you pay who you intend and fund an account they own.

Regulatory Compliance
In-line sanctions screening and clearing, account-level velocity monitoring and dynamically managed workflow and session clock management to comply with banking, financial and jurisdictional regulations.

Data Security
Bank-hardened platforms audited and certified annually for PCI DSS Level 1 and SSAE SOC 1, Type 2 and SOC 2, Type 2 compliance for 10 years and counting.

Operate Reliably & Efficiently

Reconciliation & Settlement
Daily line-item reconciliation reporting and aggregated treasury account settlement with a growing number of interoperable bank partners.

Payment Operations & Servicing
Recipient dispute resolution, proof-of-payment evidence and payment returns management.

Data & Analytics
Comprehensive real-time stage and status webhooks by subscription; financial, business performance and trend reporting; and cross-client benchmarking insights.

Why Ingo Money

  • Payments Ubiquity
    Payments Ubiquity

    Pay anyone, anywhere, anytime. No network endpoint maintenance. No payments certification. No hassle.

  • Safety & Security
    Safety & Security

    Protect your business and your customers with in-line risk management, data security and regulatory compliance.

  • Seamless Delivery
    Seamless Delivery

    Make a lasting impression. Whether it’s your UX or ours, it’s always yours. Your brand. Your voice. Your look and feel.

  • Power & Flexibility
    Power & Flexibility

    Support any use case: single- and multi-party one-time, ad hoc and recurring payments to consumers and businesses.

  • Implementation Simplicity
    Implementation Simplicity

    Launch quickly with expert implementation support and a number of interoperable bank sponsors.

  • Partners for Scale
    Partners for Scale

    Get unparalleled service and support from the best in payments innovation and 250+ experts.

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